Why ICO?

The digital currency market is evolving the way we can finance and raise capital for a project or startup. The blockchain method has been used by the initial coin offering to connect crowdfunding with the investors, in turn help the growth of the venture and also the credibility of the coin. An ICO works on the basic fundamentals of creating digital currency. Using the smart contracts which potentially changes the range of a cryptocurrency or coin into dividends, like in a share holding pattern making it an asset for future prospects.

  • Global Invsetor Base

  • Transaction size

  • Access for retail investors

  • Fast Execution

  • Low Deal trees

  • Low Regulatory Burden

  • Transperancy of Owernership

  • Secondary Liquidity / Transferability

  • Low Trading / Transaction Fees

  • Dividends

Public Offering

Private Offering



Why ICO is a challenge?


The process of conducting an ICO is still the biggest hindrance in the initial coin offering. The range of problems that can arise for the project owner could go from no service provider, no legal guidance, no financial analysis etc.


The technology is another problem that can be experienced by a lot of ventures. The understanding of the technology is imperative to a successful Coin. Some of the problems the customer might face range from not being a market leader for smart contracts, specialized team dedication to the creation of smart contracts, conducting of security audits, exchange support which may result in the degradation of the value of the coin.


Promotion in the right channels is another key piece that needs expert guidance for a successful ICO. Services in matters of spreading of news, updates, social media awareness, websites, payment method, legal and federal regulation, word of mouth, branding play a pivotal role in the smooth running of the ICO and startups.


This is one of the major factors that a customer has to be aware about before starting an ICO for venture capital. What are the security measures for the protection of exchange, share holding, transaction protection and anonymity.


What’s the solution?

We’re the first platform in the world to deliver a turnkey solution to set up, run and manage ICOs. You can focus on your project without wasting precious resources reinventing the wheel. Here’s what we will take care of:

  • Developing your own smart contract tokens
  • Shaping a legal model suitable for each case
  • Advertizing and PR for your ICO
  • Fundraising
  • Token emission
  • Providing specialized wallets to hold and transfer the tokens
  • Listing on a digital asset exchange

For Issuers

  • Full legal compliance and a legal proprietary model for minimizing risk

  • Customized smart contracts

  • Easy access to trading and digital currency

  • Tech support and solutions for security

  • Payment methods ranging to suit individual needs

  • Scalable and flexible new coin offerings

  • Full regulatory assurance

  • NYCEX listing - get listed on the world’s first exchange with a smart contract trading tool

For Buyers

  • Buy, send and receive tokens

  • Portfolio statistics

  • Token market data and analytics

  • Mobile iOS and Android apps

  • Infallible security

  • All major and credit and debit cards accepted

  • ACH

  • PayPal

  • AliPay (unique option to receive money from China, the largest cryptocurrency market)

  • Bitcoin

  • Ether